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Margarets Thoughts On Wine

On this page you will find all my thoughts on my view of the wine world. I will give you marketing and sales examples in wine, I will keep you up to date on the most relevant and latest wine trends. I will share my passion for all different grape varieties, and incredibly interesting wine regions. 

Most of the entrees you will read, you can use as an additional source for your WSET studies, I will fact check everything, and please share your thoughts with me, when you think differently on a particular subject. 

I will take you along my journeys in wine, from tastings, followed masterclasses and my judgeing for the Concours Mondial. All will be shown and published here. Feel free to reach out to me, you will find my email below. And subscribe to my newsletter to receive up to date wine trends and industry insights and so much more. 

Enjoy your readings! Cheers, Margaret