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Margarets WSET Study Blog

On this page you will find blogs on how to prepare for your WSET studying. It will show you different study techniques, it will help you discover what type of learner you are, and how to become your most efficient self in your studies. 

I have a passion for studying and teaching those who would love to study wine (or any kind of study for that matter), and figure out their "how". So, take a plunge into reading specific blog entrees, and discover what works best for you. Every week there will be a new blog entree uploaded, each specific blog will go into detail on that specific study related topic. 

Main focus will be WSET and other wine related studies, but will be just as easily usable for any other study. You can also subscribe to my newsletter below on the page, to be the first to get updated on new wine insights and study tips. 

Now only rest me to say, have fun studying and good luck on your exams to come!

Love, Margaret.